I am Yelena. I am a healer,  shaman and spiritual coach. I am on a mission to help conscious entrepreneurs become a powerful force of positive change in the world.

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Thank you to the incredible Yelena Kostyugova for an amazing session this week. I’ve been following her around the internet for months now, captivated by her, curious and learning little bits and pieces.

And her offer this week just said YES YES YES to me. We did some really fascinating stuff. I also felt compelled to be really gentle on myself, and Yelena is very gentle. I took a really beautiful long nap afterwards and now, 2 days later, I feel softer and lighter, more peaceful.

I highly recommend a session with Yelena – what she brings to the table is beyond what I can explain, but I know it was wonderful.

Chenae Carey

Facebook Content & Confidence Coach

I woke up this morning with such a clear feeling of being sure about myself, my business, what I stand for, who I want to attract, allow me to be who I am.

I was (and am) at peace with myself, where I am right now and clear on what I need to be doing in the short term. Upon reflection, it occurred to me that the only thing that has changed is that I took 3 drops of the flower essences before bed last night.

I wanted to share this feedback with you and say thank you for such a beautiful gift.

Jess McNally

Nutritionist & Mind Body Coach

I had a beautiful reading from Yelena over Skype. I was not expecting much but Yelena seemed to know everything about me! The things she spoke of were definitely true for me in my life, and it was very empowering to see new insights about myself that have really helped me to understand a bit more about who I am. But that was just the start. The plant remedy she sent in the post had 8 “friends” in it ( as Yelena put it). So a couple of times a day I have been taking these drops and on reflection the things we talked about are being addressed, some in massive ways, others in subtle ways. I have been having huge shifts in my personal power, getting clarity and new ideas. Stepping up, letting go and so much more. This is such a new “healing” for me that I find it hard to explain, other than to say thank you Yelena, you are such a beautiful soul.

Judi Cranston

KindyRock, Famous Fish Music


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